Cast a Greater Mystery

Casting "Tap the Heart's Blood"

Allows human life to be used to power other Greater Mysteries

Drachma Earth Air Fire Water Blood
25 7 2 7 2 3


This Greater Mystery is cast at the same time as a second Greater Mystery. For each blood requirement for the second mystery, this mystery requires the death of a human target - they do not have to be willing. If this condition is satisfied, all blood and quintessence costs for the second mystery are automatically satisfied. EXAMPLE: a specific mystery costs 10 earth, 10 air, 10 fire and 10 water quintessence plus 25 coin and 3 blood. By using this mystery and sacrificing three lives during the casting, the specific zodiac mystery will cost only 25 coin, though it will still require three casting participants. Note that this mystery is insufficient to offset the full casting cost of the Paramount Mystery Prometheus Unbound but if cast in conjunction with that mystery will halve the casting cost.

This mystery can only be cast at an event under the sign of Taurus

Casting Details