Cast a Greater Mystery

Casting "Quicken the Frozen Climber"

Philosophy can cause a dead character to return to life.

Drachma Earth Air Fire Water Blood
20 3 5 2 2 4


A philosopher may return a Champion or Warleader temporarily to life if they have not had a death audience. This Greater Mystery must be cast during or after the Death Rites have been performed but before any spirit arrives to collect the soul. Performing this mystery requires around five minutes of ritual involving the philosophers, the mystery focus and the target priest. This mystery is FOREIGN - it seems to have come from the uttermost east, and may not work precisely as described if the philosopher leading the casting is not suitably skilled. There is however a terrible price to be paid for this resurrection - the Champion or Warleader so resurrected will live on as a fading soul until at the very latest, the end of the 1pm fight on Sunday. They will die before the beginning of the Battle for the Age, and will recevie no death audience or psychopomp - their soul will have been completely burned up by the process of en during alive. They will not pass to the afterlife, nor be judged by their gods.

This mystery can only be cast at an event under the sign of Taurus

Casting Details