Cast a Greater Mystery

Casting "Partake of the Bounty of the Divine"

Allows a character to draw strength and power from sacrificed quintessence.

Drachma Earth Air Fire Water Blood
20 5 10 2 10 3


This Mystery must be cast with the use of a PARAMOUNT FOCUS and must be targeted on a character who is in physical contact with the focus. The empowered character is now a legitimate target for sacrifice of quintessence and coin; a priest may use the SACRIFICE skill to sacrifice coin and quintessence to the character as though they were a god. Sacrifices of lives are ineffective.

Further, the character may sacrifice "to themselves" by consuming one of a specific type of quintessence. Once selected, the type may not be changed.

The character will be aware of how much tribute they have received over an annual and may enquire at the GOD desk as to their relative position within their national pantheon during the Annual.

This Mystery can be enhanced by using a KEY PARAMOUNT MYSTERY. The element of the Key Mystery used will dictate the nature of the modification, and will align the humours of the target to the requisite element. If the KEY rite is cast at the same time as this mystery, the benefits of consuming quintessence of a specific type associated with the KEY are enhanced and those of consuming the other three types are reduced.

To be made permanent this Mystery must be used in conjunction with a KEY and a LOCK. Different combinations of KEY and LOCK mystery will have differing modifications on the effects of this Mystery.

If this rite is cast without a LOCK, then the effects of the mystery are only in play until the end of the Annual FOLLOWING the one where the rite is cast. Any quintessence consumed by the character, or any sacrifices made to the character remain "on the record" - but further sacrifices or acts of consumption are ineffective unless this rite is recast.

This mystery can only be cast at an event under the sign of Taurus

Casting Details