Cast a Greater Mystery

Casting "Pick the Pocket of Fate"

Steals a wonder from the future

Drachma Earth Air Fire Water Blood
100 4 4 3 8 3


This Mystery allows the casting philosophers to break the very bounds of causality and borrow a Wonder from the future at a named territory. The Deed for that territory should be used symbolically during the casting, and the details of the wonder to be created there must be described. The Wonder appears in a shimmering and spectral form, but otherwise counts entirely as a Wonder for all intents and purposes. However, before the end of the Annual a Master Builder must give the command to actually build the Wonder described at the location. Failure to do so may well have significant paradoxical effects. One properly built, the wonder will stand as normal; however at some future date it may half-disappear for a year...

This mystery can only be cast at an event under the sign of Taurus

Casting Details