Greater Mysteries

The Third Rite of the Black Path

Creates a magical phylactery

Still living, I entomb my life, with my name, in an iron casket.


Drachma Earth Air Fire Water Blood
40 8 2 2 8 3


Performing this mystery requires around five minutes of ritual involving the philosophers and the mystery focus.If the target philosopher has not completed the FIrst and Second Rites of the Black Path, they die at the completion of the mystery and it fails. This mystery creates a magical phylactery tied to the subject's life force. In order to create the phylactery, the caster of this Greater Mystery much have or obtain access to a small amount of the mystical metal HEPATIZON. The subject must write their name on a strip of parchment in blood, and seal it inside the phylactery; the phylactery must then be bound onto the subject somewhere where it is in contact with their flesh. The phylactery must remain in contact with the character at all times for the benefits provided by this rite to be in effect. • The subject gains +5 hits. • Whenever the subject is INCAPACITATED by damage from weapons outside the arena, he regenerates one body hit per slow count of ten seconds. This applies even if the character has been subject to an EXECUTE call. Within the Arena normal injury rules apply, but any black or red bead pull results in the permanent loss of one body hit. • The character can only be slain permanently by supernatural means such as damage scored by CURSES, poisons or powerful magical entities, or by execution with the SPEAR OF ALEXANDER, the LABRYS, the SWORD OF LUCRETIA or the HARPOON OF YAM. • The Character must carry the phylactery on their person at all times for the above effects to be in play. Destruction of the Phylactery will mean the character’s immortality is at threat and the above three effects are no longer in play. The focus can be used to perform this greater mystery once, and only during an annual under the sign of Sagittarius. EnhancementEach Philosopher who contributes blood and is bound to the order of the Black Lodge by the First Rite of the Black Path reduces the cost to perform the mystery by 1 of each type of quintessence to a maximum reduction of 3 of each type.

This mystery can only be cast at an event under the sign of Taurus