Greater Mysteries

The Final Rite of the Black Path

Transforms a brave philosopher into a being beyond death and the gods.

Death is the Road to Awe.


Drachma Earth Air Fire Water Blood
50 5 10 5 5 3


Performing this mystery requires around five minutes of ritual involving the philosophers and the mystery focus. The subject of this mystery should immediately report to GOD to determine its success.

If the target philosopher has not completed the FIrst, Second, Third and Fourth Rites of the Black Path, they die at the completion of the mystery and it fails. Even if they have successfully completed these rites there is a significant chance the rite will fail and the casting philosopher will die - success in this rite is not assured.

This mystery creates a brand in the shape of the left-handed spiral charged with mystical energy. In order to create the brand, the caster of this Greater Mystery much have or obtain access to a small amount of the metal ELEKTRUM which they have forged themselves.

If the ritual is successful then over the course of the rite Elektrum is woven into the fabric of the brand and the brand is tied directly to the soul of the target philosopher.

The enchantment of the brand will last only for 30 seconds after the completion of the rite so it must be used immediately. Once used, the brand will melt away.

To use the brand and complete the Black Path, the target philosopher must heat the brand to red heat with fire quintessence, apply it directly over his heart. The target philosopher must then recite The Oath of the Black Spiral, then while the flesh is still hot, drive the Dagger of the Black Path created by the Second Rite into their own heart.

The oath of the Black Spiral:

I cast aside nations; I am a Principality of Reason. I cast aside kings; I acknowledge only my perfect will I cast aside gods; I worship only pure knowledge I cast aside life and death; I am beyond the cycle. I dance the spiral; I walk the Black Path. I preserve. I endure. I was, I am, I shall be.

If the rites have been performed correctly then the philosopher will achieve transcendence as a lich. Report to GOD for the LICH BRIEFING SHEET.

If any of the previous steps have been miscast, the philosopher will die. If the oath has not been recited, the philosopher will die. Even if all of the steps have been completed correctly there is still a chance the philosopher will die.

The focus can be used to perform this greater mystery once, and only during an annual under the sign of Aquarius.

Enhancement Each Philosopher who contributes blood and is bound to the order of the Black Lodge by the First Rite of the Black Path reduces the cost to perform the mystery by 1 of each type of quintessence to a maximum reduction of 3 of each type.

This mystery can only be cast at an event under the sign of Taurus