Greater Mysteries

Summon the Soldiers of the Hydra's Teeth

Brings fallen warriors back to life in an arena battle

Reap the dark crop that Aeetes sows


Drachma Earth Air Fire Water Blood
50 6 4 0 6 3


This Greater Mystery targets a single warband, in a single arena battle. It must be cast before the battle, and Kings Minos and Rhadamanthus must be made aware before the battle begins that this greater mystery is in effect.

This mystery is for use in a close battle, or in one you fear you may lose.

At the end of the battle, once victory has been declared but before the philosophers enter to heal the wounded, one of the casters must declare from the stands in a loud voice, "ARISE, CHILDREN OF THE HYDRA'S TEETH". All members of this warband then rise from their incapacitation at full sgtrength and may resume battle against the remainder of the winning side. Any special effects or abilities with "per arena battle" uses are NOT reset and may not be reused.

At the conclusion of the battle, all members of the warband, incapacitated or not, must take three bead pulls with bead replacement and take the worst result.

This mystery can only be cast at an event under the sign of Taurus