Icon of Sekhmet

Sculptured from volcanic rock and craved in the likeness of Sekhmet this Icon seems worn and stained with dark blood. Beautiful and fearful the majesty of the Golden Lion.

The Icon of Sekhmet may be utilised only during the Announcement phase of a battle dedicated to the name of Sekhmet, where Egypt is on the ATTACK.

All Sekhmet worshippers of the Silenced Court may participate in that battle no matter what their path, and all gain full Egyptian Champion skillset and cultural armour bonuses. They count as BERZERKERS for the duration of the battle and may remain upright and fighting down to a hit total of up to -3; however, they must take an extra bead pull WITHOUT replacement for each hit beyond zero they have taken.

Their faces must be painted in human blood for this effect to come into play.

Wisdom of the Seer


Wisdom of the Ages



Ribbon ID 272
Type Plot Item
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