Sword of Pharaohs

This ancient sword of Egypt is covered in symbols and fine markings hard to see with the eye which read “Let the water which is life turn into consuming fire, O thou whom the thirty-seven gods did make burn with the flame of Egypt, forged from the chain of Ra. Get thee back, O terror of night, thou son of Set!”

This item must be invoked ahead of one arena battle on the Friday or Saturday of the Final Annual. The Minoans must be informed before the item is invoked. During that battle, no special abilities or effects which allow for lost hits to be recovered during the battle (regeneration, lesser mysteries of healing, etc) on the opposing side will function until the battle is over and the philosophers have entered to commence healing. During that battle the sword may be used to hit for STRIKEDOWN up to five times.

Wisdom of the Seer


Wisdom of the Ages



Ribbon ID 297
Type Plot Item
Phys-rep Tim to source?
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