The Trident of Melqart

He may not have been the cleverest god, but he certainly knew how to keep a trident sharp.

This item enables the wielder to call CURSE OF MELQART against any Ghul or Lamia, following which they must obey the next command spoken by the wielder.

The wielder of MELQART'S TRIDENT may call EXECUTE - PERMANENT against any Ghul or Lamia who has been incapacitated or who is unable to defend themselves.

The bearer gains the skill USE TWO HANDED WEAPON and may use the Trident to call STRIKEDOWN up to three times in any arena battle or quest.

MELQART's TRIDENT may only be wielded by a psychopomp, an underworld god or by one who has had BLOOD OF FAMILY cast on themselves.

Wisdom of the Seer


Wisdom of the Ages



Ribbon ID 302
Type Plot Item
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