The Black Spine

This is an ancinet, blackened spine, fused by hellfire and lightning and honed into a blade sharper than such a thing has any right to be. The injuries it causes are vicious and brutal, and it thirsts for souls.

The wielder of THE BLACK SPINE may call EXECUTE - PERMANENT against any incapacitated foe. Each time this ability is used, the wielder acquires one negative monstrous or bestial trait - come to STORY for make-up and/or prosthetics to be applied. Or worse, for them not to be applied, and for the bestial trait to be an invisible, mental one. Not all wolves have their fur on the outside.

In the possession of any Ghul, Lamia or Lycanthrope, your HUNGER status immediately increases to LESSER HUNGER and increases by one step every half hour while you hold this sword.

In normal combat the BLACK SPINE strikes for STRIKEDOWN up to three times in any given arena combat or quest.

The bearer of this weapon feels a very strong urge to use it - you become unreasonable, irrational, bloodthirsty, violent and vicious. Like all roleplaying effects, interpretation of this effect is the responsibility of the bearer.

This item acts as an OMPHALOS for the Persian god AZI DAHAK.

Wisdom of the Seer


Wisdom of the Ages



Ribbon ID 303
Type Plot Item
Phys-rep Ian
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