Foundation of Pan

An ancient temple foundation stone covered in unreadable marks

While holding this stone, you find it harder to remember how to act in a civilised manner. Putting the stone down reverses the effect

Wisdom of the Seer


Wisdom of the Ages

This stone has seen the rise of Pan and the fall of Aion. It saw the bull leaper and Hecate attempt to destroy it. It has been witness to the curse of Atlantis and endless ages of ocean. It has seen every battle, tasted the blood of every death and heard the cries of every annual since the first. It has been the death of Dionysus and feels the touch of the ocean upon it, cold and smothering. Now it is alone, no longer part of something bigger, merely an echo remaining.


Ribbon ID 308
Type Plot Item
Phys-rep Ellie to source
Pack In: Give to a Minoan King