The Honest Key (5)

An ancient key, heavy with the weight of ages.

This Key is part of a set of 7 and when held together they have different effects than individually. If you have all 7, please come to GOD to swap the ribbons and briefing sheet.

When you have this key on your person, you are unable to effectively lie. You will be prone to stating your honest opinion and attempts to lie will be extremely stilted and unconvincing.

Wisdom of the Seer


Wisdom of the Ages

Ishtar walked the short distance to the fifth gate. The watchman opened all the bolts and locks, and said: “Enter into the realm of Irkalla, fine lady. Welcome to the place from where nobody ever returns.” As he spoke, he took the splendid veil that covered her face. She wanted to know why he had taken her veil. “Oh lady,” he said, “this is the law of Lady Irkalla!” She bent her head, her radiance gone, and without her magnificent gold ornaments, barefaced and barefooted she went through the fifth gate.


Ribbon ID 313
Type Plot Item
Phys-rep Dan
Source Quest
Pack In: