Vitruvian Vicissituding Vivisector

Vicious tools of blood, yet weapons not. Instruments of learning can also have fangs.

Once per an hour, a character with the Physician skill may perform a vivisection upon a person or an item which is metaphysically entangled with a person. At the end of this the target will need to take a bead pull, for which any blessings they may have do not apply. The user will gain some knowledge of the person (or item) and for the next hour an element of their nature. Use of this item requires 5 minutes of appropriate (i.e. painful) roleplay.

Wisdom of the Seer


Wisdom of the Ages

You can feel the sense of Vitruvius - this item is a part of him, it has some of his essence invested into it. He is investigation, dissection, and learning.


Ribbon ID 135
Type Plot Item
Phys-rep Medical Tools
Pack In: Leave with Story