Glorious Cup of Sutekh

Many treasures come to Luxor out of the cold desert, from under the watchful eyes of the vulture and the scorpion. They come to the market-places and the bazaars, and they come to the hands of the wise and the foolish. Some of these treasures are offered in tribute, others bring with them a terrible curse. Did Sutekh ever drink from this old golden cup that bears his name? Or was it the possession of some forgotten Pharoah whose name was lost to the dust three thousand years ago? Why has it been renewed and reshaped? What is the significance of the scenes of gods and pharaohs that adorn it? Why does every drink taken from the cup taste distantly of burnt offerings and of sand? How old, truly, is the Cup that bears the name of Dread Sutekh? All we can say with any certainty is that to drink a deep draught of red wine from the cup is to taste of passion and a burning wrath. Raise the cup to your lips and drain it in a single hot gulp, swallowing bitter wine and feel the fury of the sandstorm begin to kindle in your belly and your heart.

THE EFFECT OF THIS ARTIFACT HAS CHANGED. When invoked during the opening announcement of a battle, this artifact will secure the cities of the warleader owning it from loss. Ewven if he is defeated, all cities belonging to him are shielded from loss by the direct intervention of Sutekh.

Wisdom of the Seer


Wisdom of the Ages



Ribbon ID 7
Type Tribute Item (Egypt)
Phys-rep Exists
Source Tribute of Luxor
Pack In: Guard of the Red Gate