Lucretia's Blade

Blessed and accursed, this sword slew the last Roman king. His blood still stains the hilt, and three gods watch over it. Janus casts his gaze upon its hilt, and will cause it to turn in the hand just so, separating the pinnacle of their ambition from it's source. Juno's rage speaks in its point, and will pierce the heart of the tyrant, in the name of a mother and a wife and a woman wronged. Cardea loves it as her own and will cast it's enemies down into the dust. Remember Lucretia, and the will and the words that moved the people to cast down the tyrant. If you fall, another will take up the sword. Wield it in the name of Rome to destroy those who would set themselves above the will of the people. Cut down the Princes, and cut down the Lords, and cut down the Kings and let their blood spill out onto the hungry earth. If you fall, someone else will pick up the sword and carry on your work.

Creatures and beings executed by LUCRETIA'S BLADE will die even if in possession of blessings or skills that would otherwise allow them to escape that fate.

When executing a character with this weapon (and ONLY when executing a character with this weapon), use the call "EXECUTE - PERMANENT".

When you activate this artefact it allows any wielder to hit for STRIKEDOWN for the duration of one Arena Combat or Quest. You must inform a referee that you have used this artefact as soon as it is practical to do so. This ability may be used in one Arena Battle or Quest during the Friday or Saturday of the Final Annual. The ability is NOT available for the Sunday of the Final Annual.

Possession of the Sword of Lucretia can make Republican sentiment very strong. While holding the sword in your hand you can call RESIST to any mystery or special item which would make them act in a way you choose not to.

Special rules for use in the World Forge: The Sword of Lucretia may be taken through the Corrupted Gates into the World Forge. If the bearer of the weapon has the skill appropriate to use it, then it may be used to inflict damage normally on characters within the World Forge. Please notify a referee immediately if you intend to take the weapon into the Forge.

Wisdom of the Seer


Wisdom of the Ages



Ribbon ID 53
Type Tribute Item (Egypt)
Phys-rep Exists
Source Tribute of Rome
Pack In: Rome National Tribute