Sword of Deimos

The difference between Fear and Terror is one of them is your friend, Fear warns you of danger and allows you to be a hero. Terror is not your friend, but you want it to be on your side.

This item can only be used by a GREEK PRIEST OR ATTENDANT. The priest gains the use of the skill USE ONE-HANDED WEAPON With respect to this sword only. The weilder may enter the arena and fight with their warband as if they were a champion. During any battle on the Friday or Saturday of the Final Annual, The priest may use the sword to strike for PARALYZE once OR REPEL three times during one arena battle - once used, this power is then expended and cannot be used again at the Final Annual. This power is not available for use on the Sunday of the Final Annual. The sword may not be taken on a quest. Using this sword in the arena will draw the attention of DEIMOS onto the user. If the sword is not used to strike a blow against an enemy in every arena combat it enters, or if it does not enter an arena combat for the entire Annual, the wielder becomes subject ot the CURSE OF DEIMOS.

Wisdom of the Seer

Wisdom of the Ages


Ribbon ID 110
Type Tribute Item (Egypt)
Phys-rep Greek sword
Source Tribute of Serdika
Pack In: Kerberos of Thrace