Rosetta Stone

A tool of translation and transformation – three languages as one, a mirror to the world showing us we are all the same in the end. That, or a bored scribe’s joke. Who can tell?

This artifact has no discernible powers. It is no longer the Titanic Artifact of Water.

Wisdom of the Seer


Wisdom of the Ages

You are ina place of terrifying light - there is not darkness here, no room for shadows or uncertainties. All around you is a polyphonic roaring, screaming, the sound of inchoate unformed rage and need. It tears and burns and scalds and sears you b ut you are made whole and healed; no wound scars you, no burn marks you. You are the Ancient of Days, and though you are so very, very tired, you WILL NOT BEND TO THIS TYRANT. The Ankh is life and strength, and you reach deep into it to call on its uttermost power. You are the Sun; no usurper, no impostor, will be tolerated. You contend with the Enemy- you exert your uttermost strength, every fiber of who and what you are. And in the end, it is - just - enough. The Usurper cannot stand. IT flees back to the uttermost south but before it does, it spies those priests gathered to hear word of victory or defeat. You are spent; you are broken. You have no strength left in you. But there, there is your grandson and your great-grandson gathered to stand against the Aten and protect your faithful. This is the difference between a god and a creature such as the Aten. We cannot see our faithful abandoned. Our existence is as guardians and protectors; to enable, protect, guide and encourage; to allow those who are worthy to ascend to join us. From somewhere you find the reserves of strength to manifest one last time and drive the Aten back...


Ribbon ID 10
Type Tribute Item (Egypt)
Phys-rep Exists
Source Tribute of Rosetta
Pack In: The Great Library