Ghosts of the 3rd Legion

This bloody rag is all that's left of one of the great legions. But for a true Roman service never ends.

This item must be invoked in the opening ceremony of an arena battle which Rome participates in to be effective. Once invoked, any ROMAN involved in the battle may call RESIST to treat any call of IMPALE as a single hit. A ghost of the Third Lewgion rises to take the killing blow for the Roman in question. ROLEPLAYING EFFECT: Those Romans so influenced may find themselves carrying false memories, snatches of conversation or being inclined to the worship of Orcus or the Tre Madri after the battle is over; as with all roleplaying effects, the interpretation is open to the player.

Wisdom of the Seer


Wisdom of the Ages



Ribbon ID 235
Type Tribute Item (Egypt)
Phys-rep Bloodstained Roman Tunic
Source Tribute of Taras
Pack In: Remnants of the 3rd