Bandages of Prince Nebethet

These are the bandages used during the ceremonial transformation of Prince Nebethet of the Khemenethorus into an N'Hru by the god Sutekh. He returned her to life at the Third Annual to help Egypt when they faced their darkest hur but he did not forget the hate the Khemenethorus held for him, so with the bandages came a terrible curse, as Prince Nebethet lost her mind, and her own warband had to strike her down and end her beforte she lost the ability to beg them to do so.

The gods are kind. The gods are cruel.

These bandages may be applied to a champion to temporarily grant them some of the abilities of an Egyptian N'Hru.

Once applied, the bandages are used for good; they may only be used once and are good for one arena battle during the Friday or Saturday of the Final Annual only.

Until the end of the Arena battle, the champion in question operates under the following rules:

• total hits rise to 10 but MAY NOT GAIN ANY FURTHER ADDITIONAL HITS BY ANY MEANS • May not be subject to any lesser mystery preparations or effects, including on weapons and shields. • May call RESIST to treat IMPALE or CRUSH as one normal hit: • May strike for CRUSH twice with a 2-handed weapon. • May strike for REPEL once with a 2-handed weapon • Once injured, regenerates one hit per uninterrupted slow count of ten seconds if not fighting. If in combat regeneration does not occur. • If reduced to zero hits/incapacitated the character is out of the battle as normal and this effect ends.

The bandages may only be removed by someone with the ability to lift a CURSE OF SUTEKH.

Once the arena battle is over, until the bandages are removed, the champion is subject to the CURSE OF SUTEKH. They slowly loses their ability to distinguish between friend or foe and grows ever hungrier. If the bandages are not removed by dusk, the champion becomes a bezerk animal attacking anyone they see, and the effect becomes permanent; death is the only escape.

Wisdom of the Seer


Wisdom of the Ages



Ribbon ID 237
Type Tribute Item (Egypt)
Phys-rep Bloodstained bandages
Source Tribute of Aswan
Pack In: Khemenethorus