Falx of Pan

This is a thing of blood and horror, this sword. None can stand before it's terrifying song and it is said that the governors of that Roman city keep the sword hidden away as much to protect others from the melody of death that runs through the steel as to protect the sword from the avaricious fingers of the greedy. They say that the blade drives the wielder mad in time but that before he hurls himself against the rocks he will achieve great and terrible things.

You can use this artefact once during the Friday or Saturday of the Final Annual. When you activate this artefact it grants use of the skill USE TWO HANDED WEAPON and allows any wielder to hit for STRIKEDOWN up to five times during one Arena Combat or Quest. You must inform a referee that you have used this artefact as soon as it is practical to do so. If the Falx of Pan is used to execute a helpless opponent, thes wielder gains RESILIENCE until the next dawn. Roleplaying Effect: The sword's whispers can drive even strong men to acts of savagery. When given a choice between allowing a fallen foe to live and slaying them outright, it will require an act of will to resist slaying the fallen foe. The longer one person carries the sword, the harder this effect can become to shake off. As with all roleplaying effects, whether or not to act on these impulses is at the discretion of the player. Remember; it's only whispers, after all ...

Wisdom of the Seer


Wisdom of the Ages



Ribbon ID 238
Type Tribute Item (Rome)
Phys-rep Two handed scimitar
Source Tribute of Antium
Pack In: House Praxis