Blood of the Sphinx

Thick. Treacly. Smells of carnage, horror and a dread, violent end to a dread, violent life.

This dark, gelid fluid can be used in place of the entire quintessence requirement for a single Greater Mystery, covering all four elements. Alternatively, if you have a very strong stomach, an unconventional approach to danger, and feel entirely prepared to roll the dice with the fates, then there is enough of this rancid stuff that, if it were diluted, it could be made into three drinakble draughts. However, all three draughts would have to be used, by different people, simultaneously.

Wisdom of the Seer

Wisdom of the Ages


Ribbon ID 249
Type Tribute Item (Egypt)
Phys-rep Vial of sticky goop
Source Tribute of Thurburbo Majis
Pack In: The Sentauri