Knossos is ancient. The axe called Labrys is ancient. It is sanctified by the act of bloodshed, which is also ancient. Knossos is a place of nameless snake women and bull-headed men, a place of cresting sun-dappled water and lightless echoing passages, of crumbling stone and sun-browned skin and the taste of bitter wine and salt. The Labrys is the echo of all these things. Perhaps it is fitting that the Labrys is brought to Atlantis for legend says that once it was wielded by King Minos, who now serves the Fates in the Arena. When Atlantis sank beneath the waves, the Labrys remained on Knossos, which many believe to have been the furthest outpost of that ancient empire. History makes the Labrys heavy, long centuries of hewing blood and bone make it heavy, dark nights and unspoken secrets make it heavy. Constant use makes it sharp.

Creatures and beings executed by the LABRYS will die even if in possession of blessings or skills that would otherwise allow them to escape that fate.

When executing a character with this weapon (and ONLY when executing a character with this weapon), use the call "EXECUTE - PERMANENT".

The Labrys may also be used to call STRIKEDOWN for the duration of one quest or arena battle during the Friday or Saturday of the Final Annual. This ability is NOT available for the Sunday of the Final Annual.

Bearing the Labrys brings about strong antideistic sentiment. The bearer may view gods as unreasonable and bloodthirsty tyrants. As with all roleplaying effects, interpreatation is down to the player.

Special rules for use in the World Forge: The Labrys may be taken through the Corrupted Gates into the World Forge. If the bearer of the weapon has the skill appropriate to use it, then it may be used to inflict damage normally on characters within the World Forge. Please notify a referee immediately if you intend to take the weapon into the Forge.

Wisdom of the Seer


Wisdom of the Ages

You gain a sense that someone is looking at you - a man with bronzed skin and a curious expression. Then the mystery is terminated, with abruptness, by the Labrys itself. You think it's annoyed at you.


Ribbon ID 14
Type Tribute Item (Egypt)
Phys-rep Exists
Source Tribute of Knossos
Pack In: Eyes of Darius