Spear of Alexander

Everything dies eventually. Everything.

Creatures and beings executed by the SPEAR OF ALEXANDER will die even if in possession of blessings or skills that would otherwise allow them to escape that fate.

When executing with this weapon, (and ONLY when executing with this wepaon) use the call "EXECUTE - PERMANENT". The bearer may resist the effect of divine voice and survive the presence of the gods if not a priest.

The spear whispers to the bearer. One would have to posses it for a long time to make sense of them; they are in no language anyone understands. Overnight possession of the spear may lead to DREAMS - enquire at GOD in the morning asking for DREAMS OF AION.

Special rules for use in the World Forge: The Spear of Alexander may be taken through the Corrupted Gates into the World Forge. If the bearer of the weapon has the skill appropriate to use it, then it may be used to inflict damage normally on characters (or objects) within the World Forge. Please notify a referee immediately if you intend to take the weapon into the Forge.

The Spear... may have other powers. Perhaps they will present themselves at a key moment.

Wisdom of the Seer


Wisdom of the Ages

Alexander vision


Ribbon ID 42
Type Plot Item
Phys-rep Spear of Alexander
Source 1548 Alexander of Macedon
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