Cauldron of Medea

Jason stole Medea from the palace of her father. He turned her head with pretty words and his pretty face. He begat children upon her, and called her his Queen in name if not in fact. When she was no longer of use to him, he cast her aside and married another woman, one with more useful political connections. Foolish Jason, to scorn a woman who loved him enough to betray her father. Foolish Jason to cast aside a woman with such capacity for passion, for adoration and for hatred. Medea slew her own children rather than allow them to share her shame, and send to the pretty new wife of Jason an an envenomed dress that ate away her skin and burnt her blood with lye. Jason she drove mad, dripping venom into his ears, and weaving magic around him that in the end drove him to take his own life, bitter with the ashes of lost dreams and the regret of a true love spurned. The cauldron that bears her name is the vessel in which she brewed the elixirs that raised inconstant Jason up and later brought him low. It is her legacy to those who come after her, an instrument of revenge, a tool of subtle sorcery, and a reminder of the inconstant hearts of men.

This artefact can be used once each day during the annual. It can be used during the process of creating a Lesser Mystery recipe that creates a preparation to allow the potion created to affect people of all cultures. When you use the Cauldron of Medea, you must bring the cauldron to GOD along with the components for the Lesser Mystery in order to collect your modified preparation.

Wisdom of the Seer


Wisdom of the Ages



Ribbon ID 21
Type Tribute Item (Egypt)
Phys-rep Exists
Source Tribute of Phasis
Pack In: Phasis - Unaligned