Cup of Gortyn

I renounce my former homeland, and cede all claims it makes upon me. Let those I once called brother and sister know that I have turned my back upon them and my hand against them, if those that I once called comrade, kin or lover are enemies of Rome, then they too are my enemies. I pledge my life to the furtherance of Rome, I am of this nation now, and my every action shall be in the service of Rome. I renounce my old gods, spurning them, let them send their vengeance against me, I care nothing for them, they are as dust in my eye - I defy them with all my will, I reject them with all my heart. I embrace the Gods of Rome, and swear eternal piety to them, I pledge my soul in their service utterly, for this day unto my death. If I prove false to this oath, then I shall submit myself to judgement in the eyes of the Gods and people of Rome; and if I fail, then may every Roman's hand turn against me, and may every Roman God hound me. Let them slay me like an animal and consign my body unburied to corruption and my soul to the depth of endless night, forever denied the peace of the Elysian Fields.

This item can be used to permanently change the blood harmonics of a character to Roman. Some blood of a Roman character must be mixed in with the water and an oath made as the mixture is drunk.

Wisdom of the Seer


Wisdom of the Ages

Your skin is pallid and it hurts to stand. The morning sun hurts your eyes, and as you make your way to the shore you find yourself shifting your weight trying to find a way to walk that doesn't feel like walking through fire. This is certainly not the end you expected, dying from a blade feet from the walls of Troy would have been better. As you make your way to the waters edge you can see some others readying the fishing boats. No-one is healthy, sometimes it seems like all that keeps themselves and you going is that you're too bloody minded to die. You've fallen too far it seems, so very far from the first few months where you were so alive with the possibilities that lay before you.

Your revery is broken by a cry, it seems that someone has slipped from a boat, struggling for air as they start to drown in the wake. As you reach them you freeze, part of your mind recognising your friend Mimas while another catches on the unatural way your reflection has overlaid with theirs, the ripples contorting your faces and giving the facsimile of speech. You find yourself transfixed, unable to move, as your friend drowns beneath you. Moments later you are pulled away as others come to the rescue of Mimas. Forcing yourself to back towards the village you catch glimpses of the overlaid face in every reflective surface you pass. Mouthing words you cannot comprehend. Inside the main hall the artisan works to save Mimas while you stand outside, lacking the conviction to step over the threshold.

Disgusted with your own weakness you wander away. The village, barely filled at the best of times now emptied by the commotion. You find yourself in front of the shrine, a place no-one is to enter, yet you find the door half-open. Inside a single cup -out of place- rests upon the floors, while restless spirits fill you head with names that you do not know.

I am Ianus, and you stand in my realm. You have abandoned one fate, yet hesitate at the brink of another. Your fate is the fate of a King, and thus of your own choosing. My gift to you, if you have the will to use it, is the doorway to the greatest nation the Mediterranean has yet seen, for anyone with the strength to step through.


Ribbon ID 26
Type Tribute Item (Egypt)
Phys-rep Exists
Source Tribute of Rome
Pack In: Rome National Tribute